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Get Real

Together with our #SecretCircle of real users, DR's Secret launches #GetReal to encourage and empower women to go foundation-free. Make no mistake, they are everyday people with very real skin problems.


DR's Secret Venessa Chua



       More often than not, we tend to put up a strong front for fear that others would see through our insecurities. But I’ve learnt to embrace my weaknesses instead of pretending to be tough. Being real to me is finding healthy ways to release moments of stress and insecurity so that my heart continues to stay happy.    

My Skin Story

      Occasional breakouts at the T-zone and chin area were the norm for me, especially during stressful seasons at work or when it comes to my monthly cycle. I would often put on thick layers of BB cream or foundation to look presentable whenever I met my clients. This became a habit and I could not bring myself to go out bare-faced.

After using DR’s Secret for one month, my skin is much more stable with less pimples and skin tone has become more even. My friends also noticed the change and would even praise me for my good skin which is a pleasant surprise! Now, I’m so much more confident!    




DR's Secret Lucy Chang

       The ability to love is a great gift and it takes courage to give love without expecting it back. Instead of putting up a wall around our hearts for fear of hurts and disappointments, being real to me is learning to let my heart heal while opening up my heart again to receive love.    

My Skin Story

      How do you stay confident when you are constantly faced with dull skin, enlarged pores and blackheads? I used to struggle with these skin problems and foundation was my weapon to cover up. But when it came to the afternoon, my skin would start to appear oily and I had to cake on more layers of powder to cover the oiliness.

Since using DR’s Secret, my pores became less visible and my dull skin now looks more radiant. I swapped out my foundation for just sunscreen and I’m no longer afraid of going foundation-free. It feels good that my skin looks equally fresh from morning to night!    


DR's Secret Wang Hui Ting



       Life is defined by the choices that we make. It takes courage but once decided, I will believe for the best and make these choices worthwhile. There could be wins and losses but being real to me means stepping out of my comfort zone and learning to accept every outcome that comes from it.   

My Skin Story

      When I became pregnant 3 years ago, my skin started to turn dull and became saggy after giving birth.

In just one week of using DR's Secret, I felt that my skin was so much more hydrated. After 6 months, I started going foundation-free. Today, I feel really good in my skin even without makeup. My friends and family also noticed the difference and told me that my skin is now so much more radiant.   


- ABBY TSAI   35

DR's Secret Abby Tsai


       There could be endless wants to chase after and bucket lists to accomplish, but I've learnt to be content and focus on being present in the moment. Being real to me means living out my best self in my current season and loving every moment of it.    

My Skin Story

      I used to have enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and fine lines as a result of very dry skin. This affected my confidence and I would never dare to go out bare-faced.

After using DR's Secret, the fine lines have faded, and my skin now has a radiant glow. People commented that I looked more alive, vibrant and youthful. Now I'm feeling so much happier and I've become more positive as a person.   

DR's Secret Eve Pek


- EVE PEK   33

       To most people, I seem to have the perfect life - I grew up with abundance and a happy complete family. However, life will always have its challenges and I'm not exempted from the same struggles too. Though I enjoy perfection, being real to me is about acknowledging my imperfections and being able to own them.   

My Skin Story

      I love being in the know of the latest fashion and beauty trends and would often put on all sorts of makeup to hide my dull skin and pigmentation. However, having dry skin would cause my makeup to turn flaky. Since using DR's Secret, my skin has got its radiance back. I didn't even notice it until my friends started to comment that my skin has become better. Now, I can go foundation-free confidently and this has also saved me so much more time on makeup.   


DR's Secret Amber Pek


- AMBER PEK   32

       I love the exhilarating sense of freedom whenever I take my bike out for a ride. It makes me feel free to pursue what I love, unrestrained by the opinions of others. Being real to me is about sticking by my passions and not trying to fit in.    

My Skin Story

      Motorbiking is my passion but being constantly exposed under the weather can cause my skin to become really sensitive, sometimes even breaking out in rashes. I had used DR's Secret products occasionally, but it wasn't till 1 year ago that I began to use them religiously under my sister's encouragement. I followed a skin care regime and had to go through a 'recovery phase'. After that, my skin became more stable and was no longer inflamed or itchy. It even has a natural glow. Now I'm loving the foundation-free life!    

They have taken the first step.

What about you?

Kickstart your skin journey with us and embrace the feeling of foundation-free.


*This service is only available in Singapore.

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