Get your customised routine. Take the skin quiz now!
Get your customised routine.
Take the skin quiz now!

The Foundation-free Glow

We help you uncover your foundation-free glow – skin that looks radiant without coverage.

Boost your confidence with fresh, glowing skin.

Skip the Guesswork

Less confusion, more targeted solutions.

Your skin care routine is personalised to you. DR's Secret products can be customised in its sequence of application and amount to use according to your skin goals. Find your unique skin code.

Get Personal Guidance

Better together.

We introduce every DR's Secret user to an experienced Skin Buddy who can help to customise your routine and provide product guidance. With a wealth of personal experiences and tips, your Skin Buddy will help answer your questions and guide you in your skin journey until you achieve your desired results.

Our Skin Squad community of real users backs you up with their personal reviews and skin progress to build your confidence towards achieving the foundation-free glow.

Well-researched Formulas

Combining the best of nature and science, our products are formulated with well-researched active ingredients to encourage skin renewal. With meticulous detail to product safety and product experience, we ensure our skin solutions work for you.

Authentic Reviews

We believe in staying true with real people, real results. With skin transformation stories across the globe, we are committed to help each individual achieve real skin improvement and arrive at GLOW.