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DR’s Secret

was founded on the humble belief that everyone deserves to be confident in their own skin.

With our debut range, we introduced our skin care philosophy to you: a range of products that simply works to restore your natural radiance.


We were proud to share the revolutionary technology behind DR’s Secret Touch, a beauty device that brought professional skin care treatment into the comfort of your own home.


Our star products were born!

To pamper your skin with more natural ingredients, we developed the T-Series with a proprietary blend of botanical extracts and potent antioxidants.

Great ingredients.
Even better results.


We fulfilled your desire for a flawless complexion with DR’s Secret Refining Serum. With a perfect combination of plant extracts and patented actives, this #1 bestseller

transforms your skin from defect, to perfect.


The Aestier range was launched to target everyone’s common enemy: ageing. We enabled your skin’s natural repair mechanisms to be enhanced and trained into keeping itself strong and young.


Our dedication to discover the finest ingredients even brought us to the ends of the world, simply because we know it will work for you. The Aestier Hydro Mask delivers moisturising goodness in a nano-fine biocellulose mask, containing an immensely hydrating ferment extract found only in Antarctica.


LIF was developed as the next generation of Touch, and featured even more innovative and effective technologies in a single device.

It was an uphill task to make a great product better, but for you, we did it!


We want the best for your skin, and to us, that means constant innovation to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from our products.

With Pure Mask, we made a breakthrough 2-step mask that is activated only when it comes into contact with water. This ensures all the actives are kept dry and fresh until they are ready to be used by you!


We had a brand new look!

Inside our more premium packaging is the same specially concocted recipes, made with the finest natural ingredients and innovative actives to breathe new life into your skin.


Our products continued to win the hearts of beauty experts. Refining Serum 9 and Eye Cream bagged Readers’ Choice awards for best face saver in pore refining/oil control and best eye serum/cream in the Beauty and Wellness Awards held by online magazine “Beauty Insider” in Singapore.


Dress up your pout!

We launched a brand-new Lip Collection to help your lips pop.

Conditioning Lip Butter relieves dry delicate lips with its natural formula while Lip Glacier volumises and dresses lips in an attractive crystal shine.


Merging exclusive high-penetration technology with premium ingredients, we launched a new eye care product – Vitalising Eye Mask to revitalise, brighten and soothe tired stressed eyes.


Our classic range is made complete with the launch of Aqua Boost Serum 10. Formulated with 12 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), it deeply hydrates and restores the skin barrier for a fresh glowing start.


Sunscreen 5 won the Editor's Choice award for "Best Sunscreen Tone–up Lotion" in the annual Beauty Awards 2023 held by Singapore digital beauty magazine, Daily Vanity.


DR's Secret was awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) in the Regional Brands category. The SPBA recognises Singapore brands that have made remarkable progresses in their branding journey. On top of that, we were also presented the Most Popular Regional Brand Award and Overall Winner Award – a testament to the continuous growth and development of our brand!


We launched our very first brow productBrow Styler. In three universal, gender-inclusive shades, Brow Styler is a retractable brow pencil created for effortless styling to help complete the natural foundation-free look that our users adore.

Glow Foundation Free

Great skin is now no longer a dream, but a reality.

You too, can be confident in flawless foundation-free skin

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Revealing the Secret Miracle

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Note: This is a general overview of the timeline and history of the DR’s Secret brand internationally. Please refer to your respective regions for the latest products availability and update.