3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Share with us your current skin condition and skin care routine.

Step 2

Take a selfie for an accurate recommendation.

Step 3

Get your skin analysis results and a customised routine!

Step 1

Share with us your current skin condition and skin care routine.

Step 2

Take a selfie for an accurate recommendation.

Step 3

Get your skin analysis results and a customised routine!

Powered by AI

DR’s Secret’s product and routine recommendations are based on a highly advanced and automated algorithm that matches the selfie skin analysis results to our products. The AI powering the quiz delivers best-in-class product recommendations for you.

Your Skin Profile

Understand your skin better with a comprehensive overview of your skin strengths and concerns.

The DR's Secret Skin Studio AI aims to deliver powerful personalisation to our users using a unique approach that measures

16 different main metrics

200+ sub-metrics

Snap A Selfie,

Get Your Routine

Our state-of-the-art AI technology scans your selfie to recommend a targeted skin solution customised to your skin condition.

Personal Guidance

At the end of the quiz, you'll get connected to a Skin Buddy who can further discuss your skin care solution and guide you along your skin transformation journey.

How long does it take to use Skin Studio AI?

Skin Studio AI should not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

Do I need to download a mobile app to use Skin Studio AI?

No, you do not have to download a mobile app. You may access it on our DR’s Secret international website. We recommend using your mobile device to complete the skin analysis as you will be required to take a selfie.

I have concerns about sharing my selfie. Is my picture stored?

Your selfie will be deleted after it has been analysed. For more information, please refer to our Personal Data Protection Policy.

How accurate are Skin Studio AI’s analysis results?

This technology is benchmarked to VISIA Complexion Analysis System, which is a powerful tool used in dermatology and aesthetics to assess and analyse various aspects of the skin.

It is the result of the research and analysis of tens of thousands of selfie images to uncover 100+ different facial metrics. Each indicator uses multiple algorithms to analyse distinct facial features from specific areas of the users' face. A joint clinical study with a French dermocosmetics company validates the accuracy of this technology.

Note: Selfie taken under conditions of poor lighting and usage of devices with poor camera resolution may affect the accuracy of the analysis.

Why do I have to share my email address?

Once you close your browser, you will no longer be able to view your results. By sharing your email address, you will receive a copy of your results via email that you can refer to later.

When you share your email address with us, your results will also be automatically uploaded to your account that is created with the same email address. If you wish to view your results, simply log in to do so.

How can I view my Skin Studio AI results again?

If you shared your email when you did the Skin Studio AI, you will receive your results via email.

You can also login to your account to view your results under “My DR's Secret Routine”. However, in order for the results to be uploaded to your account accurately, you will need to:

1. Share your email address when doing the Skin Studio AI

2. Register for an account with the same email address at the end of the analysis in the same session

If you opt to register for an account later, you will have to complete the Skin Studio AI again and register for an account at the end of the session for your results to be updated to your account.

Can I retake the Skin Studio AI?

You may use the Skin Studio AI as many times as you like, but only the results from your very first attempt will be saved to your account.

After you have made contact with your Skin Buddy, we recommend you to contact your Skin Buddy for a more customised solution. If you do not have a Skin Buddy to start with, one will be assigned to you at the end of the analysis.

Can I purchase or register for an account without using the Skin Studio AI?

If you wish to make a purchase or register for an account, you will need to complete the Skin Studio AI analysis. This is to ensure that you get the right product recommendations for your skin condition.

Since there is Skin Studio AI, why do I still need a Skin Buddy?

We highly recommend all users, especially new beginners to be attached to a Skin Buddy. The Skin Buddy is an independent sales representative and an experienced user of DR's Secret who has used the products to achieve healthy glowing skin.

With this knowledge and experience, the Skin Buddy will be able to help you further customise your skin care routine and guide you on product application to achieve the best results for your skin. Your Skin Buddy will also be able to review your Skin Studio AI results with you to customise a skin solution that suits your needs.

If you should feel lost or have any questions at any point in time, your Skin Buddy can also answer your questions and work closely together with you to achieve your desired results.

Which is more accurate – Skin Studio or Skin Studio AI?

Both of our solutions aim to give you a customised skin care routine tailored to your skin condition. Skin Studio is a professional tool that is used by our trained consultants. Factors that can affect result accuracy such as lighting and camera resolution can be controlled by our consultants. This may lead to a more accurate analysis of your skin.

On the other hand, Skin Studio AI is hugely dependent on the camera resolution, surrounding lighting and the user's technique when taking a selfie, which could impact the accuracy of the analysis.

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