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I tried numerous products but only DR's Secret gave me skin confidence

Dorina Wu, 22, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Dorina Wu before
DR's Secret review Dorina Wu after

I started using skin care since I was 12 and tried numerous products from drugstores and specialty stores only to end up with bad breakouts on my forehead and sensitised skin.

When I started using DR's Secret, I went through a transition phase where I experienced more acne. But I was confident that this was part of the skin renewal process. True enough, my skin improved tremendously after just one month as it became more conditioned and balanced.

I found Moisturizer 6 and Refining Serum 9 especially helpful in soothing and restoring my sensitive skin. I also love Spot Serum 8 for resolving my acne problems. My skin no longer feels dry or sensitive.

Now I feel so much more confident from the inside out!

I was surprised my already healthy skin could become even better

Su Yu, 22, China

DR's Secret review Su Yu before
DR's Secret review Su Yu after

I had pretty healthy skin, but my skin was constantly dull. I used numerous skin care products but didn't see any change. After using DR's Secret, I was surprised to find that the pores around my T-zone became a lot more refined and my skin became clearer and less dull.

I really like Skinlight T3 as it helped to resolve my skin dullness, improved my skin tone and brightened up my complexion. My two other favourites are Miraglo and Sunscreen 5. Miraglo leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth and Sunscreen 5 has a brightening effect on top of its sun protection benefits. I usually do not need to apply anything else after this step.

Within 1 month, I began to see results. Now it feels liberating to be able to head out confidently without makeup!

My skin went from severe acne to no longer acne-prone

Zhang Hong, 24, China

DR's Secret review Zhang Hong before
DR's Secret review Zhang Hong after

I used to love putting on makeup but without thorough cleansing, I started to develop clogged pores, severe acne and enlarged pores especially in the T-zone area.

When I first started using DR's Secret, my skin went through a purging phase. However, I continued to apply faithfully and soon enough saw huge improvement in my acne condition. Now other than during my period, I seldom develop fresh pimples. My favourite product is Refining Serum 9 as I found that it helped to refine and firm up my skin.

Though I'd only used DR's Secret for 3 months, my friends could notice the difference and told me that my skin has become so much better. Now I no longer need thick layers of foundation to cover the flaws on my skin. I can confidently go out foundation-free!

With clearer skin, I can now save on makeup

Venessa Chua, 30, Singapore

DR's Secret review Venessa Chua before
DR's Secret review Venessa Chua after

I had uneven skin tone and dull skin, with occasional breakouts at the T-zone and chin area. Every day I had to put on thick layers of bb cream or foundation to look presentable, especially when my job requires me to face clients often.

My favourite DR's Secret product is Spot Serum 8, which helped to clear up my pimples and control the oil around my chin area. I also love the Miraglo cloth, which helped to exfoliate my skin and make my skin feel much more lifted after using. My friends would also notice the radiant glow on my face every time I apply Sunscreen 5.

After using DR's Secret for one month, my skin is much more stable with less pimples and skin tone has become more even. I'm more confident now and I feel happy waking up every morning confident about my good skin.

I'm no longer afraid to go foundation-free

Lucy Chang, 29, Singapore

DR's Secret review Lucy Chang before
DR's Secret review Lucy Chang after

I used to have dull skin, enlarged pores and often looked tired. I would put on heavy layers of foundation, but when it came to the afternoon, my skin would start to appear oily and I had to cake on more layers of powder.

Since using DR's Secret, my pores became less visible and my dull skin now looks more radiant. I really like Cleanser 1 as it does not leave my skin feeling uncomfortably tight after washing. Refining Serum 9 helped to minimise my pores, especially around my nose and cheeks where there were more blackheads.

After using for 1 month, people started to comment that my skin looks radiant and I look fresher. Even my husband would wonder if I had put on makeup when I was actually foundation-free. Now I'm not afraid to go foundation-free and no longer have to worry about cakey makeup. It feels good that my skin looks equally fresh from morning to night!

How I resolved my postpartum dull and saggy skin

Wang Hui Ting, 32, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Wang Hui Ting before
DR's Secret review Wang Hui Ting after

Since my student days, I've been struggling with pimples and acne problems. When I became pregnant 3 years ago, my skin started to turn dull and became saggy after giving birth.

After just 1 week of using DR's Secret products, I was able to feel positive effects. Cleanser 1 provided deep cleansing without leaving my skin feeling uncomfortably tight or dry. My skin felt smooth and soft. My skin also became really dry after giving birth and I really love Toner T2 and Moisturizer 6 for their generous hydrating qualities. In just 1 week of using DR's Secret, I felt that my skin was so much more hydrated.

In the past, I had to put on makeup every time I went out. After using DR's Secret for 6 months, I started going foundation-free! In just 1 year, my skin had regained its youthful bounce and many people are surprised to learn that I'm actually a mother.

Today, I feel really good in my skin even without makeup. My friends and family also noticed the difference and told me that my skin is now so much more radiant.

I stopped living with enlarged pores and blackheads

Abby Tsai, 35, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Abby Tsai before
DR's Secret review Abby Tsai after

I used to have enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and obvious blackheads around the nose area. I also had fine lines as a result of very dry skin. This affected my confidence and I would never dare to go out bare-faced.

After using DR's Secret, the above problems are all gone. The fine lines have faded, and my skin now has a radiant glow. My favourite products are Cleanser 1 and Skinlight T3. T3 helps with skin renewal, causing my skin to look more radiant.

People actually asked me if I went for cosmetic procedures, but all I did was simply changed a set of skin care products. People also commented that I looked more alive, vibrant and youthful. Now I'm feeling so much happier and I've become more positive as a person.

My dry desert skin now has a radiant glow

Eve Pek, 33, Singapore

DR's Secret review Eve Pek before
DR's Secret review Eve Pek after

I used to have very dry flaky skin with eczema patches and had to use ultra-rich moisturising creams since young. My skin felt very itchy and I used to scratch it a lot, causing scarring quite often. I started using DR's Secret when I was pregnant as I felt really ill-confident about how I looked then.

Toner T2 and Moisturizer 6 helped a lot with my dry skin. They were very moisturising, calmed my skin down and absorbed quickly into my skin too. I also really like C15 Essence 7 as it helped to brighten my skin tone and also lightened the scarring and pigmentation. It makes my skin look so radiant and glowy all the time.

Today my self-confidence has improved and I do not have to put on foundation anymore. Nowadays, I just apply sunscreen and a little eye and lip makeup. Within 5 minutes I'm done and it has saved me so much time!

As I persevered on, my super sensitive skin saw great improvements

Amber Pek, 32, Singapore

DR's Secret review Amber Pek before
DR's Secret review Amber Pek after

As someone with very sensitive skin, I often had breakouts, redness and rashes that resembled water blisters. I had to use a lot of foundation and concealers to cover up the redness on my skin.

I was introduced to use DR's Secret by my sister. At first, I went through a "recovery phase" for a week. My skin started exfoliating and felt rough and itchy. I wanted to stop midway, but my sister encouraged me to continue. I'm glad I persevered on because after that my skin saw great improvements.

Moisturizer 6 helped my skin a lot with its soothing properties that calmed down the redness very quickly. My two other favourite products are C15 Essence 7 and Skinlight T3. These two products helped to brighten and even out my skin tone, giving me a healthy glow.

I saw improvements in just 1 month. Today, the redness and itchiness are gone and I enjoy going foundation-free. My friends started to notice the difference and were surprised at how I can get the glowy-skin look even without makeup!

Now my skin looks bright and glowy and feels much more breathable

Fang Yuan, China

DR's Secret review Fang Yuan before
DR's Secret review Fang Yuan after

My biggest skin problems were pigmentation, fine lines around the eyes and dull skin.

I've tried many products and skin care brands but none of them seemed to work. After using DR's Secret, the dark spots started fading and the fine lines were less visible with proper hydration. I personally love Skinlight T3, Skinrecon T4, Moisturizer 6, Sunscreen 5 and C15 Essence 7. My skin feels super hydrated after applying 2 to 3 pumps of Moisturizer 6.

In the past, I can never leave the house without covering up my dark spots. Now my skin looks bright and glowy and feels so much more breathable. I can confidently say that I love going foundation-free!

My skin is now so much more stable and no longer acne-prone

Lin Wen Qi, China

DR's Secret review Lin Wen Qi before
DR's Secret review Lin Wen Qi after

Acne had always been a never-ending cycle for me. Breakouts would occur, recover and happen again. I tried many solutions, but they could only suppress the condition without actually solving the problem. I also tried expensive beauty treatments but those caused my skin to become even more sensitive.

I got to know DR's Secret through a friend who showed me photos of how DR's Secret helped her friend with serious acne-prone skin. Her skin became so much better after using the products that I was convinced to try it myself. My beauty consultant started me off on the conditioning regime to calm and soothe my skin redness, before gradually adding on Skinlight T3 and Spot Serum 8 to help with my acne. I had to go through a purging phase but I was determined to follow through the regime.

Now my skin is so much more stable, no longer acne-prone and sensitive. There's even a natural glow! To date I've been using the products for a year and it has helped me become more confident!

I no longer have to spend hours trying to conceal my blemishes

Chloe Chen, 28, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Chloe Chen before
DR's Secret review Chloe Chen after

As the owner of a beauty business, I am someone who pays a lot of attention to how I look. I had acne-prone skin and would often wear a mask to hide my frequent acne outbreaks. I tried many facials and skin care products with no lasting results. I became so ill-confident that I started to wear a mask even when I'm not at work.

I decided to give DR's Secret a try after observing a friend having great skin improvement after using the products for 4 months. At the beginning after 1 month, my skin became visibly brighter. The acne scars were still there but after 3 months, my skin improved so much that people were asking how I did it. I particularly love Skinlight T3 and Spot Serum 8 as they helped to bring my acne condition under control and greatly reduced the acne marks.

Today, I no longer have to spend an hour on makeup trying to conceal and hide my blemishes.

Dark spots and pigmentation used to be my nemesis, but not anymore

Mayah Shen, 38, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Mayah Shen before
DR's Secret review Mayah Shen after

I have dry skin prone to pigmentation. Long hours at work often means insufficient sleep which further caused my skin to become dehydrated, saggy and dull. My biggest struggle was against sun spots and dark spots that appeared after pregnancy. When a long-time friend first introduced me to DR's Secret, I was pretty sceptical. However, I saw how her extremely sensitive skin became visibly radiant and I decided to give the products a try.

My favourite products are Skinlight T3, C15 Essence 7 and Age Arrest A3. Skinlight T3 helped to brighten my dull skin in just a month, and C15 Essence 7 helped to lighten my dark spots and dark circles. My loose saggy skin felt firmer and lifted after using Age Arrest A3 too. In just 1 month, I could feel my skin becoming brighter and looking more radiant.

My friends started to notice the change and they were surprised that I actually did not put on any foundation!

After trying many methods, I finally found the solution to my acne scars and enlarged pores

Wei Yu-Han, 28, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Wei Yu-Han before
DR's Secret review Wei Yu-Han after

As a nurse, there are times when I have to face life-defining situations so you can imagine how high the stress level can get. I had acne-prone sensitive skin and my face would be marked with post-acne scars and enlarged pores. I used to try many skin care methods and products but saw no improvement to my skin. I thought I would just have to depend on makeup for life.

But DR's Secret was the real gamechanger. Refining Serum 9 helped to reduce the redness, provide hydration and improve my sensitive skin condition. I also use Age Arrest A3 and Eye Cream on my pit marks and enlarged pores. Together, they helped to greatly reduce the appearance of these marks and refine my skin while providing generous hydration and moisture.

After using DR's Secret for 3 months, the acne reduced greatly. With better skin, I grew more confident and my outlook in life became much more positive, which helped me to deal better with stress at work too. My skin feels more breathable as I no longer need to depend on heavy makeup.

With determination and patience, I bid sensitive skin and acne breakouts goodbye

Huang Sih-Yu, 34, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Huang Sih-Yu before
DR's Secret review Huang Sih-Yu after

I used to struggle with sensitive skin and often experienced pimple breakouts. Each time the pimples cleared up, the breakouts would return in just three days. I tried many products in the market and made regular trips to beauty salons but my skin condition did not improve. I also tried going for acid peels, medical treatments and steroids but these only caused my skin to worsen.

I got to know my beauty consultant, who recommended me to DR's Secret. She told me that as long as I followed the regimes closely, I would be able to witness skin improvement. I decided to trust my consultant and gave my full participation.

Initially, I had to go through a long transition period. After using the products for three months, my sensitive skin acted up with pimples erupting on my face. This led me to almost giving up. At the same time, my mother who was also using DR's Secret products saw noticeable improvements on her skin. Instead of reacting like my skin, her skin brightened and became more radiant. Thus, at the encouragement of my consultant, I continued to use DR's Secret products and also changed the sequence of how I used them with her recommendations.

Sure enough, a miracle happened! My skin started to brighten and my acne problem improved greatly. To date, I have been faithfully using DR's Secret for four years. Looking back, if I had chosen to give up at the beginning, I would never have witnessed my skin transformation today. Truly, great skin is worth the wait!

DR's Secret helped me live in skin confidence every day

Chiu Yu-Hsi, 41, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Chiu Yu-Hsi before
DR's Secret review Chiu Yu-Hsi after

In the past, I used to pay little attention to proper skin care. To me, a bar of soap was enough to cleanse my entire face and body. It was sufficient for me to only apply CC cream before leaving house. I was also unaware that stress could actually quicken our body's ageing process.

When eyelash extension was trending, I hopped on the bandwagon and visited a beauty salon. I got to know my beautician who introduced me to DR's Secret. I bought a set but was apprehensive to use the products even after bringing them home! However, knowing that Singapore held strict production standards, I decided to give them a try. I also followed my beauty consultant to the parent company, Best World Lifestyle (BWL) to learn more. I became more assured after learning that BWL is a growing company producing premium products.

After using the products for one month, the people around me realised that my skin that grew more and more radiant. The dark spots on my face also lessened tremendously. In 10 months' time, my face became firm and supple; my eyebags and fine lines also diminished. Even strangers would come up to me and ask me about my secret to great skin!

To date, I have used DR's Secret products for more than three years and I now bask in confidence every day!

My 13-year struggle with sensitive skin and acne came to an end when I found DR's Secret

Tsai Mei-I, 41, Taiwan

DR's Secret review Tsai Mei-I before
DR's Secret review Tsai Mei-I after

My struggle with acne and sensitive skin began 13 years ago and I have been visiting numerous doctors and beauty salons ever since. Out of desperation, I also tried folk remedies but to no avail. Instead, my skin condition weakened and became more sensitive.

I started using steroids and Tretinoin and placed myself on long-term oral medication. However, the side effects of using steroids caused my body's metabolism to deteriorate and my face to become swollen.

I was working as a nurse in a dental clinic when I noticed a positive change in the skin complexion of a regular patient. Curious, I started asking about the products that she used and got to know about DR's Secret.

To start, I applied Skinlight T3, Spot Serum 8 and Refining Serum 9. Within just one month, I noticed a positive change in my skin condition! Even my family and patients at the clinic would ask me about the reasons for my skin transformation. Now I receive many compliments on my beautiful skin! I'm so thankful for DR's Secret!

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