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Individual results may vary

Skin is plumper, eye wrinkles have reduced.

LIF review 1 before 1
LIF review 1 after 1
LIF review 1 before 2
LIF review 1 after 2

Plumped up skin, laugh lines are reduced. Overall face diameter smaller, saggy skin is lifted.

LIF review 2 before
LIF review 2 after

Acne scar is lightened. Even skin tone.

LIF review 3 before
LIF review 3 after

Freckles have lightened and reduced in size.

LIF review 4 before
LIF review 4 after

Oil levels are regulated, excess sebum is reduced.

LIF review 5 before
LIF review 5 after

Oil levels are better regulated, clogged pores are cleared and reduced. Pore size has decreased.

LIF review 6 before
LIF review 6 after