Review: Amber Pek - How I tamed my super sensitive skin to achieve a healthy glow

Hear her story. Watch how our #SecretCircle user Amber Pek tamed her super sensitive skin to achieve a healthy glow.

"As someone with very sensitive skin, I often had breakouts, redness and rashes that resembled water blisters.

I was introduced to use DR's Secret by my sister. At first, I went through a “recovery phase” for a week. My skin started exfoliating and felt rough and itchy. I wanted to stop midway, but my sister encouraged me to continue. I'm glad I persevered on because after that my skin saw great improvements.

Moisturizer 6 helped my skin a lot with its soothing properties that calmed down the redness very quickly. I saw improvements in just 1 month. Today, the redness and itchiness are gone and I enjoy going foundation-free." - Amber Pek, 32

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