Review: Qiu Rui - I thought my genetic dry skin condition was hopeless until I found DR's Secret

Watch how Qiu Rui overcame her extremely dry skin condition and pigmentation problems to uncover fresh, glowing skin.

"Skin dryness is a genetic condition that runs in my family, which caused my sisters and I to have very dry skin since young. This also made me more prone to having pigmentation and dark spots. As a child, I had freckles all over my face.

My first skin goal was to increase the moisture levels in my skin. After 2 weeks of using DR's Secret, I started noticing the difference. My skin felt a lot more moisturised at any time of the day.

After 8 months, I had many friends ask me if I had changed my foundation product as my skin appeared so fresh and had a natural glow. I was so happy to tell them that I was foundation-free.

My favourite products are C15 Essence 7 and Skinlight T3 as they were effective in lightening my dark spots and brightened my skin tone. Now I'm a lot more confident and my skin feels a lot more clear, refreshed and radiant." - Qiu Rui, 32

*Individual results may vary