DR's Secret LIF DR's Secret LIF DR's Secret LIF DR's Secret LIF

DR's Secret LIF

Your daily skin-perfecting companion combining four unique technologies to reveal healthy and luminous skin

Made in Korea

S$ 863  



Discover the Magic to Transform your Skin!

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How to Use Your DR's Secret LIF

How to use LIF


Patented combination of 4 high-performance technologies:

DR's Secret patented technologies

RenewNIR icon

  • Recharges and revitalises skin
  • Strengthens skin's natural barrier
DR's Secret LIF renew

NourishIon icon

  • 400% increased skin care absorption
  • Pulls out dirt and residue
DR's secret LIF nourish

LightLed icon

  • Red 630nm Helps improve blood circulation
  • Blue 470 nm Soothes inflammation
  • Yellow 580nm Brightens skin tone
DR's Secret LIF light Mode

HeatRF icon

  • Lifts and tightens skin
  • Increases skin care absorption
  • Encourages collagen synthesis for supple skin that appears firmer
DR's secret LIF nourish


DR's Secret patent certificate

DR's Secret LIF is patented successfully in Korea. It is a skin care apparatus which generates 4 powerful and targeted technologies for problem skin. It facilities deep cleansing, vitamin input into skin, whitening, lifting and fine wrinkle improvement of the skin.


C Cleansing Mode (3 mins)


  • Gently pulls out dirt and impurities
  • Targets acne bacteria

V Vitamin C Mode (3mins)


  • Accelerates penetration of Vitamin C essence
  • Encourages skin renewal and rejuvenation

B Brightening Mode(7 mins)


  • Brightens skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Refines pores

L Lifting Mode (5 mins)


  • Lifts skin and helps skin appear firmer
  • Smoothens fine lines
  • Rebalances sebum and moisture levels

Heat Mode only (15 mins)RF icon

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Plumps up skin from within
  • Promotes skin care absorption

Light Mode only (15 mins)Led icon

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Soothes irritated and red skin
  • Refines and brightens skin

There are also 5 intensity levels that you can choose from.

DR's Secret LIF intensity buttons DR's Secret LIF device buttons

For first-time users, always start from level 1 and increase the intensity slowly.


We recommend a regime of:

  • Daily: B or L Modes
  • Apply your skin care products and end with B or L Mode daily. You may also use B or L Mode for eye treatment.

    DR's Secret LIF daily
  • 2 to 3 Times Weekly: C + V + B + L Modes
  • Use cleansing cream with C Mode; Vitamin C serum with V Mode; apply your other skin care products and end with B + L Modes. You may also use B or L Mode for eye treatment.

    DR's Secret LIF weekly
  • As Required: Heat Mode Only
  • For intensive and specific treatment of fine lines and sagging skin. Recommended to use with any anti-ageing products that allow smooth gliding of DR's Secret LIF over the skin.

    DR's Secret LIF heat Mode
  • As Required: Light Mode Only
  • Colour therapy for inflamed skin, acne trouble, and enlarged pores. Use with any of your skin care treatment products.

    DR's Secret LIF light Mode

Simply apply your cleanser or skin care products on your face or eyes, choose the appropriate mode and start Gliding!

For products that do not complement Gliding massage, use a Pause-and-Hold method instead.

DR's Secret LIF gliding method
Gliding Method
DR's Secret LIF eye care
Eye Care
DR's Secret LIF pause and hold method
Pause-and-Hold Method


Is LIF suitable for all skin types?

Yes, LIF is suitable for most skin types. Please ensure that you are using suitable products for your skin and use LIF with the correct massaging techniques. We recommend pairing LIF with your DR's Secret skin care routine for boosted results.

If you have acne skin, we recommend to use only Blue Light Mode to help kill bacteria and soothe inflamed skin. Use the pause-and-hold method instead of gliding the device against your skin. Once your acne condition has improved, you may use other Modes in LIF with gliding technique according to your needs.

At what age can I start using LIF?

You may start using LIF anytime from puberty onwards. During puberty, our skin produces excess oil, resulting in clogged pores, acne and inflammation. LIF can help to soothe irritated skin and increase the efficiency of your skin care routine. Those who wish to boost their skin care routine for quicker results may also start using LIF.

If I have broken skin or open wounds on my face, can I use LIF?

If you have stitches on your face or your wound is deep and bleeding, you should not use LIF. Recover completely before using LIF.

Can I use my own skin care products instead of DR's Secret products with LIF?

Yes, you may use your skin care products as long as they are in liquid form. The products should be able to facilitate gliding motion.

Can I use LIF on my neck?

Yes, we recommend applying any anti-ageing serum on your neck and use V, B or L Mode. Glide LIF in an upwards motion for lifting effects. For lymphatic drainage, glide downwards, moving from the neck to the chest and to the armpits.

Are there any UV rays emitted from the LIF device?

No, there are no UV rays emitted from LIF. LIF has undergone vigorous testing to ensure that no UV rays or radiation are emitted.

Can I use sheet masks with LIF?

Yes, apply your sheet mask and use Light (red, yellow or blue) Mode. Adopt the pause-and-hold technique with your sheet mask on. After you remove the mask, use B or L Mode to help increase absorption of your sheet mask actives.

Can I wash LIF under running water?

No. Washing LIF under running water will damage the device. Wipe the device head with a wet towel or alcohol-free wet tissue after each use. Dry with cotton or tissue. Pay extra attention to wipe the grooves on the device head.

DO NOT put device under running water. Place the device face down on a dry cloth or tissue. This will help to pull and drain out any remaining solution. Cleaning the device correctly after use ensures the device's durability and performance.

Is LIF's massage head hypoallergenic?

Yes, LIF's massage head is made from high density material and titanium-coated poles. It is safe for most skin types. However, if you experience any discomfort or suspect you are having an allergic reaction, discontinue the use of LIF immediately.

How soon will I see results after using LIF?

Results vary with individuals depending on your skin type and the severity of your skin concerns. For users with normal skin or mild concerns, you may see results in a few sessions. For users with severe skin concerns, it may take more treatments to see results.

The lifespan of our skin cells is approximately 28 days. By using LIF daily with suitable skin care products, you should expect to see results within 28 days for most users.

Can I use LIF if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or suspected to be pregnants, please consult your health care provider before using LIF.

Can I use LIF if I have metal tooth fillings or am fitted with metal medical devices?

Please note that LIF emits low level electric currents during use. DO NOT use LIF if you are fitted with a pacemaker or similar device.

If you have cardiac or heart conditions, or have a metal implant, metallic dental fixture or filling in your body, please consult your doctor before use.

What is the difference between LIF and Touch?

LIF encompasses 4 different technologies namely Near Infrared, Iontophoresis, LED and Radio Frequency to work in tandem to unveil healthier and luminous skin. It is best used for enhancing nutrient penetration, stimulating collagen production and soothing irritated skin.

Touch acts to mimic a home-based aesthetic treatment. It combines 5 technologies namely: 3D Vertical Vibration, Iontophoresis, Magnetic Therapy, Colour Therapy and Sound Therapy. It is best used for facial massage and enhancement of blood circulation.



Wake up to firmer, brighter skin

People with acne prone and combination skin will understand how tricky it is to get your skin care regime right. Using too little products will cause your skin to be dehydrated and dull. But too much and you start to see clogged pores and pimples. Ever since I started using LIF, I found this to be a really good solution to this problem as it boosts absorption of products by up to 400%. I am able to use multiple treatments with the device and wake up to firmer, brighter skin without the usual oil left from products sitting on the skin. It's been a good few months since I incorporated LIF into my routine and I really feel it has helped lighten my post acne scars and also helped with overall firming! It's also such a pampering treat to use at night after a hectic day!

I highly recommend everyone to invest in LIF. They were not kidding when they say it increase the efficacy by 400%!

Skin Concern: Acne / BreakoutClogged PoresDark Spot / Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone / DullnessAgeing / Wrinkles

Age: 30 - 39 years old


Game changer especially for my stubborn spot

I’ve heard many good things about LIF. LIF was a game changer especially for my stubborn spot! I even did a little experiment to see if there is any difference. In 3 mins, my skin was more lifted and my laugh lines were less visible!

I highly recommend everyone to invest in LIF. They were not kidding when they say it increase the efficacy by 400%!

Skin Concern: Dark Spot / Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone / Dullness

Age: 30 - 39 years old


Promotes better skin care absorption by up to 400%

I usually apply 3 pumps of Aqua Boost Serum 10 to provide my dry skin with deep hydration. Then I use LIF to give my skin a turbo boost, as it promotes better skin care absorption by up to 400%. It helps refine my pores, smoothen my fine lines, and brightens my skin too! How could I not love this handy device!

Skin Concern: Dryness

Age: 30 - 39 years old


I no longer have to go for facials or treatments

My favourite product is the LIF device, but I started out not believing that it would do anything. I’ve owned many beauty devices before but I didn't see any results. Everything felt like a waste of money.

After using LIF, my skin always appears super glowy and firm, and it even helps with recovery of my pimples! I no longer have to go for facials or treatments because I can do everything at the comfort of my own home.

Skin Concern: Dark Spot / Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone / Dullness

Age: 20 - 29 years old


The result is crazy - within 2 months, my skin is more radiant. Neck wrinkles are visibly lighter

My pores are reduced and my neck wrinkles are lightened without surgery. No IPL or invasive aesthetic treatments involved - just the LIF Device and faithfully following a customisable skin care routine.

And the result is crazy - within 2 months, my skin is more radiant, and I do look a tone fairer. More importantly, my neck wrinkles are visibly lighter!

Skin Concern: Dark Spot / Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone / Dullness

Age: 30 - 39 years old